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station with news in high definition this is 9 news now. >> good morning. welcome to 9 news now. today is thursday, september 9th. buddy check 9 day. being proactive can help prevent cancer and early detection can help to save lives. good morning. i'm andrea roane. angie goff is here with traffic. tom sater is joining us in for howard bernstein. welcome, tom. >> good to be here. >> good to have you here. >> hopefully you have a good forecast. >> nothing but good news. >> good. we like. that nice to see the 90s go to the wayside. yesterday we hit 98 degrees. >> what? >> just before the cold front moved in, 96. dulles tied a record at 93. we are getting close to the greatest number of 90 or higher for the summer. but it's not in the seven-day forecast. good news there. 67 degrees. 55 in gaithersburg. 61 manassas. the numbers are fantastic and i think they will drop a degree
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or two before we start a slight warmup. with the winds picking up today, a little breezy. s that the only blame niche the forecast, winds 15 to 20 miles an hour at times and quite nice. the temperatures will be looking better than they have been the last several days. tonight, about 57 for a night time low with clear, school, crisp conditions and tomorrow nothing but sunshine still breezy. northwest winds 10 to 15 miles an hour and satellite-radar shows nothing but clear skies. this will be with us the next several days. next chance of rain is on sunday. we will talk about that and our extreme drought conditions for farmers and everyone else in the area in a few minutes. let's look at traffic. what do you have for us, angie? >> thank you, tom. hello, everybody. a half hour from the 5:00 hour, 395 smooth sailing to the 14th street bridge. as we flip over to 86 looks
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like headed eastbound no problems to report making your way through centreville to inside the beltway. speaking of 495, we will take you there. on the outer loop in maryland, drivers are moving at speed from 95 to 270. to the maps we go. route 4, rout 5, 301, crane highway, the road are incident and accident free. a look at inbound new york avenue, nice and quiet making the way to the third street tunnel. back to you. >> thank you, angie. despite death threats and pressure from the military's top brass, reverend jones says he is going ahead with his plans to burn the muslim holy book. while he has more than his fair share of detractors he has the first amendment on his side. >> reporter: two days before pastor jones plans to burn copies of the koran, the state department ordered embassies around the world to brace for the possible fallout. >> we hope the world will appreciate this is the action of a very small fringe group
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and does not represent the views of the united states or the americans as a whole. >> reporter: protests an the globe have intensified over the past week, but despite pressure from the vatican, general petraeus and secretary of state hillary clinton, jones refuses to back do down. >> on september 11th we shall continue with our planned event. >> reporter: while it has been almost universally condemned, legal experts agree jones ' protest is protected by the first amendment. >> as long as those are miss korans on his property the government can't stop him. >> reporter: one florida iman tried to do that. >> i come in peace. >> reporter: on wednesday he spent 30 minutes meeting privately with jones. >> we think he can express his feelings in a different way, in a more civilized way. >> reporter: nearby religious leaders of all fetes led more than 200 in prayer.
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>> when you put our troops in harm's way, i think it is time to back out. >> reporter: but there's no sign that's about to happen. jones church already has about 200 korans to burn this weekend. some sent by supporters. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. >> we want to know what our viewers thought in a 9 news now web poll. we asked if you thought pastor jones should go ahead with the koran burning 23.4% said yes, it is a free doesn't and he has the right to do it. while 76.6% who voted said no. it is a bad idea and could put our troops in the middle east in jeopardy. if you want to vote log on to and click on our web poll. ten groups that want to set up displays op the courthouse grounds in leesburg, virginia got the okay from loudoun county officials. religious displays, nonreligious displays just as long as they are safe and don't hang on the fence. there's is a long tradition of
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a christmas tree and nativity scene at the courthouse but the one supervisor who voted no fears keeping the tradition fears the county would have to accept an application from the kkk. >> there's a long tradition of not letting black people sit at certain lunch counters and we had to end that in the name of justice. i think it is a good move. sometimes you make changes and move forward and protect liberties. >> atheists have applied for display rights. they had displays last year. supervisors who voted for the plan say if you pick and choose who can put up displays you can roll afoul of the constitution. in fairfax county, commuters will be on guard after a woman is attacked at a bus stop. it happened on wednesday in franconia at laris that drive and franconia road. press say the man plunged at her behind and sexually assaulted her. the warning is going out for women to be extra careful in
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that area. >> anyone who is commuting or jogging or out at darkness, early in the morning, late at night needs to take precautions. >> it's scary. a lot of us go out all times of day or night, depending on our jobs, and to think somebody could be lurking in the neighborhood is upsetting. >> reporter: the suspect in the case is still on the run. some key details on how maryland will meet goals to clean up the chesapeake are lacking according to the chesapeake bay foundation. maryland submitted a plan last week that calls if strengthening storm water permit requirements. they say it is heading in the right direction but lacks details. virginia governor released details of his plan to privatize the liquor industry. he says the commonwealth could raise $500 million by selling off more than 300 abc stores it operates. the governor estimates the state can pull in $230 million
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annually by auctioning off 1,000 liquor licenses. the bulk of which will go to grocery an discount stores. small stores an farmly -- pharmacies will get the rest. he wants the money to go to relief projects. >> i'm in favor of privatizing wherever it can be done but it has to save money and turn the funds back to the community and i'm not sure i see how that will happen but if it is what will happen i think it is a good idea. >> reporter: many democrats are skeptical of the plan. there is concern that tripling the number of outlets will increase alcoholism and drunk driving. the governor dropped the idea of tacking restaurants and bars. our time is 4:38. our first "living $mart" segment is up next. it appears b.p. is bouncing back just five months after the worst oil spill in u.s. history, and that could help cover the cost of
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traveling ebb on the dulles toll road, we are down to one lane on the inner loop and should be clearing by the 5:00 hour. andrea? it is now time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the thursday headlines. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. job openings rose for the first time in five months an we will have another view of the labor market this morning them government is releasing the new claims for unemployment benefits and they could set the taste pace on wall street. asian shares were higher and here at home the dow is at 10387 after adding 46. the nasdaq up by 20 and the s&p biup by seven.
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b.p.'s stock jumped 3%, the same day it released the investigation in to what went wrong in the gulf of mexico. the company's reports spreads the blame for the explosion that caused the biggest oil spill in u.s. history. it says its own engineers made mistakes, but so did workers from other companies involved with the rig. and google picked up the pace of the search engine. it is rolling out google instan meaning it starts to display search results while you are typing in the request. they say it is a new dawn in the computing world and can save you five seconds per search. what are we going to do with all the extra time. >> get a massage. >> good idea. when the news continues, hermine leaves a mess behind. this morning residents in texas and oklahoma are trying to piece their lives back together. our time is coming up on 4:42. here's tom with the latest. >> delightful morning. the skies are clear. really winds will start to pick up this afternoon.
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we had wind gusts over 20 to 25 miles an hour yesterday. look at the numbers outside. it is really nice. this is the beginning of a couple of cool mornings and delightful days. high pressure will be in control. winds will pick up throughout the day. your day at a glance, how about 74 at the noon hour. it gets much better. úápáñ
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welcome back to 9 news now. cleanup efforts continue in oklahoma and texas after tropical storm hermine dumped on the region. the storm brought flash flooding, tornadoes and forced 100 high-water rescues. as sandra hughs reports, hermine is also responsible for at least two deaths. >> reporter: the lashing from tropical storm hermine's a aftermath keeps coming. this damage in dallas came from what is believed to be a tornado, spawned by the bad weather left in the storm's wake. six flags in arlington, texas had to close when a creek overflowed its banks. several rides and part of the park are now submerged. earlier in the day, rescue crews spanned a flooded area to pluck residents stranded in an apartment complex. one by one they were brought to safety with a few belongings. even pets were walked across
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the fire truck ladder to dry ground. the same story in austin, texas, highways and side roads were flooded an some were stranded until firefighters rescued them. >> basically sent a ladder over her vehicle and sent two firefighters down to pull her out and we swung the ladder over the highway and that's how we got them out. >> reporter: tropical storm hermine packed winds of 70- miles an hour. by tuesday, the storm was downgraded to a tropical depression, but the afteraffects of the storm are expected to be worse than hurricane alex that hit texas in june. in cedar park, texas, ten inches of rain fell in 48 hours. >> never seen it this full. we have a barn over there and they water is up to the barn and we have never seen it up to our fence. >> reporter: kathy lived in this part of texas for 20 years she watched as rising waters swallowed everything in its path. >> there's a car, a truck and i believe at 4:30 this morning they had to pull a police vehicle out of the water also. >> reporter: two people have
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already died in the storm. authorities are searching for more possible victims after floodwaters swept away two mobile homes and a house. sandra hughs, cbs news, los angeles. >> i'm in the we center with tom sater. howard bernstein is off today. tom is with us. looking at that video, they have too much an we need a little bit. >> we could use a little of that. and looks like we might. i think before the game gets underway for the redskins on sunday. >> there is a game on sunday. >> a big one. >> they don't care. they will play in the wet stuff. we need it. we will talk about the duty drought coming up. it was a surprise for them, hermine picking up and in the action and intensity down there. over a foot of rain in many locations. for the year we have 21 1/inches of rain. that's it. we finished august behind, a half inch of rain. nothing in the bucket for this month. so a deficit for the year.
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almost six inches. take a look at this. this is the u.s. drought monitor. this is a situation which on a broad scale they look at the dryness of the soil, the lack of rainfall and it does vary in many locations. this is for june and july and notice the dc area urn a moderate drought. that's in this little darker color, this orange. now, let me take you and update it for you. it actually improves in the dc area. got little better. some of the thunderstorms even though they came with severe weather we get some rainfall. abnormally dry area from the dc across prince georges to around baltimore but extreme drought now, excessive heat. drying up the oil. as you get to loudoun county in to faulkier county and talk to any farmer out there and it is corn that has burned up. triple-digits in culpeper, orange county down to fredericksburg. we need some rain bad.
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nothing today. no rainfall. delightful. tomorrow, as well. a little cooler. these are high temperatures 77 and 82 on saturday. if we get a chance of rainfall, i think it will be in here on sunday. could be as early as saturday night in to sunday and maybe finish up before the redskins game. but overnight tonight, crisp. that's a word we typically use for autumn. in to the 40s, upper 40sin the suburbs and in the a 0sin the metro area. upper 70s for the day tomorrow. breezy. our winds con to kick up out of the northwest. this is alreadymine, you can see it to the south. twister near ft. worth. the moisture is sliding to the ozarks in missouri, memphis, paducah, kentucky. i think that will slide across the tennessee valley in to our neck of the woods. cold front moved through. breezy conditions, dry air. yesterday, at 4:00 p.m. the humidity dropped to 12%. that's like in the middle of winter inside of your home with the heat all winter long. cool conditions, very nice.
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high pressure keeps us dry. we watch the moisture across the tennessee valley. close to home and i think it will be upon us on saturday in to sunday. 67 degrees. that's pretty nice. here's the seven-day forecast outlook. i this is one you will like. the rainfall that enters on send could be over with in time for the cowboys game with the redskins and another front moves through and does the same thing on monday, tuesday and wednesday that it is doing for us now. maybe no more 90s in the forecast. angie, how are you doing? >> maybe, let's hope. thank you, tom. 11 minutes from the 5:00 hour. good morning, everybody. hope you are off to a fantastic thursday. a little construction to contend with going 95 southbound at 218 bw parkway you are doing fine. show you 270 southbound. looks like a clear commute past 121 to the split. doing northbound, you are going to want to watch for construction near the falls road exit.
4:50 am
it is the local and regular lanes. over to the beltway in virginia we go. on the inner loop more construction around route 7 to the dulles toll road. looks like we are reduced to one lane and should be clearing in the next 10 to 12 minutes and at route 50 watch for a work zone. 395 northbound, a disabled vehicle here at duke street. not causing problems as far as the flow of traffic is concerned. 95 before that looking at a one- hour drive time. making your way out of fredericksburg to the mixing bowl. back to andrea. in the morning's health alert, pediatricians are calling for mandatory flu shots for all doctors, nurses and health workers. the american academy of pediatrics says mandatory vaccinations are needed to protect patientses. 3million suffer from the flu a year. a new study shows weighing too much or too little
4:51 am
increasing the risk of death among colon cancer patients. researchers looked at 1,000 women who had colon cancer. the obese had a 45% increased risk of death. and the few women, who were classified as underweight had an 89% higher risk. scientists don't know what's behind the link. these days there are a ton of skin care and beauty products on the market and competition is fierce. what does it mean when something is touted as clinically proven? anita brickman looks at the science behind the claims. >> reporter: this is a company that develops skin care lines an we are getting a behind the scenes look at what goes in to the testing. >> we conduct clinical trials to support safety as well as claim support studies to sportif kasi, effectiveness of the product. >> take alpha hydroxy acid. studies on how ah a's promote
4:52 am
skin cell turnover have been published in medical journals. >> the alpha hydroxy acids are tested on human skin. there have been list logical studies. that means we take biopsies of the skin and look at the benefits under a hike scope. >> reporter: after an ingredient is considered safe and shown to form it is formulated in to a product. in in the lab, researchers make sure hate a long enough shelf life and it is pleasing to use. after that consumer testers come in to play. >> typically nine to 12 months after we initially start to work on a formula it has made its way to the clinical lab and out in the market. >> reporter: not everyone gets to witness cosmetic technology at work, so if you are in the market for a new face cream and you are not buying what they are selling, call the company and ask about their testing. >> another way to know is to look for numbers in their
4:53 am
advertisements. if they have a number behind their claim, there should be data to back that up. >> reporter: anita brickman, 9 news now. >> signs of aging typically show on the face after age 40 but you can do a lot to keep your skin looking young by using products with sunscreen. another antiaging ingredients that is scientifically shown to work retina. when the news continues a trained lion shows his wild side in front of hundreds of spectator and it is call on tape. we'll be right back.
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after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain.
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a lion attacking its hanker will. it happened at the m -- m grand hotel a week ago. two trainers were putting on a show when a lion bit one of the trainers them lay onand trainer struggled but the trainer broke free and got away the video was captured by a couple on their honeymoon. >> definitely wasn't expecting it, and initially i thought should i even film this because this guy is getting attacked but there was nothing else i could do to help him. >> reporter: after in the trainer was taken to the hospital with just a bite on his leg. he wases rereleased after getting a few stitches. this the 33 miners trap underground in chile had a special treat. on wednesday rescue workers set
4:57 am
up a fiber optic mine so they could watch the soccer team take on ukraine. one of them is a former soccer player who played on the team in 1984. the men have been stuck in the mine since august 5th and could be there until december. as you get ready for work this morning we wanted you to see what the office of the future looks like. as more and more 20 somethings enter the job market, businesses are trying to cater to their needs an protect the bottom line. brad woodard shows us the work place of the future. >> reporter: if you are like most people in this fast-paced world [ horn honking ] >> reporter: maybe it feels you are stuck on a treadmill. >> reporter: but in one office in downtown that's the way some people like it. welcome to accenture. a global company that considered what some consider the office of the future. >> it is individual work space. it is meeting space, it is cafe space.
4:58 am
so it is multipurpose. the idea is to get more than one use out of every space. the idea is to cater to generations x and y. >> the future will embody concepts that are around perting the younger work force and the way they work and need to work, the way they work best, so multitasking, highly technologically advanced. >> reporter: the office of the future is packed with all kinds of interactive technology. this is called mediascape and allows a person in houston to collaborate on a project or share a spread sheet with one in atlanta and it is face to face. >> the people on the other side of the table are on the other side of the world, india. it's the kind of technology that is expected to save the company $35 million a year in travel expenses alone. >> no one has their own office. >> no one. >> not even the top executive. like everyone else here he
4:59 am
settles in wherever he can. >> we are a service business and we want our people to be at our clients and not in the office. >> reporter: even if it is the office of the future. >> that is bob woodard reporting. good morning, thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie goff will be along with traffic in a moment. right now we say good morning to tom sater in for howard bernstein with a look at the forecast and i think you are going to like it. >> one reason i said i would come in today. had to be nice an it is. i bring good tidings. this will be fantastic weather. thanks to a cold front. we made it to 96 degrees yesterday and dulles 93. today, tonight, tomorrow, saturday will be beautiful. look at the satellite and radar picture. you can see the skies are clear across the region. we had a few clouds overnight. winds yesterday picking up out of the northwest. blowing up to 20 miles an hour and gusts stronger than. they

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